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Well, perhaps one video selected from my now famous gray boxes was not enough to get you hooked? So in order to entice you further, here is another YouTube video to watch.  This one is from the chapter 9.

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Watch the Videos

I’m not sure if you guys are watching the videos that I placed in the gray boxes.  You should!  I’ll make it easy here with one of my favorite videos shown below.  Remember, you can go to  Links to easily access each video mentioned in the book.  Enjoy the following YouTube video:

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Vitamin D Requirements During Pregnancy and Lactation

Posted 08-11-10 by GeneH

                One thing that I did not cover well enough in the book was the requirements of vitamin D during pregnancy and lactation. I’ll fix that.  I touched on this topic briefly, but I will need to add some new information to a future revision of the book in order to give this topic the coverage that it deserves.  My intent was to discuss these issues in great detail in my upcoming book Mommy, Me, and Vitamin D.  But since this book is still in its preparation stage, I don’t want to wait to tell you that things are changing in regard to requirements the vitamin D during pregnancy.  Even the ‘generous’ 2,000 IU/day recommendation that some have made during the past few years may have to be doubled or even tripled.  We have new data to consider. . .

                A new study of vitamin D requirements during pregnancy has recently been completed.  To be brief, the investigators found that taking 4,000 IU/day of supplemental vitamin D per day gave a more favorable outcome to the pregnancy and to health of the newborn than supplementing with either 400 IU/day (a pathetically low dose, by the way—but sill recommended by many) or with a more generous 2,000 IU/day.  This study will change everything (eventually).  One of the principle investigators involved in this study was quoted as saying, “I’m telling every pregnant mother I see to take 4000 IUs and every nursing mother to take 6,400 IUs of vitamin D.”  But that’s not all.   He states further: “I think it is medical malpractice for obstetricians not to know what the Vitamin D level of their patients is.  This study will put them on notice.”  —Bruce Hollis, MD.   This quotation appeared in a blog entry dated December 10, 2009 on a website entitled Happy Healthy Long Life.  I highly recommend this posting.  The website is a great one, too.  Click on the following link to read one very fine piece on vitamin D.


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New Video added to Chapter 17:

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New Video

New Video link added to Chapter 11:

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Welcome to the Vitamin D Blog

You may want a little history of the book.  Briefly, this book arose out of an intense study of, believe it or not, Fibromyalgia!  I’m going to nail this disease.  I now know what it is!  There seems to be a strong connection between Fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency, yet there is way more to the story.     (Hint: Another book is in the works entitled Unraveling the Mystery of Fibromyalgia.)  In the course of my independent study, now well over a decade, I soon began to realize the need of a comprehensive review of vitamin D issues, one designed for the layperson (yet also for physicians who still, sadly, are generally not up to speed regarding vitamin D).  One thing led to another, and I came up with a plan: write a book.  Continue reading

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